First Tests and Adaptations 1998-2001

First tests in Southern Europe showed that front axle wheight was excessive resulting in limited spring travel. In 1998 the original driver cabin roof rack was removed, a light version was installed. Spare wheel was replaced by spare tire. Battery capacity was reduced to 400 Ah.

Grey side coverings were removed as well as wheel crane and Panda Diesel generator.

Also, high mounted sand ladders were removed from the rear hatch and placed on the right side for easier handling and as underride protection.

Replacement of Original Roof Rack
Replacement of Original Roof Rack and Sand Ladder Repositioned

Redesign increased spring travel saving about half a ton.

All measures taken were designed and mounted by the owner, manufacturing was made by professional companies. The maker UNICAT was not involved.

For more information about works, companies and cost contact the owner.